Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Bloom

The following photos are Flowering Peach trees.  We first saw them blooming last year and stopped to take pictures.  The lady that lived there was outside working in the yard,  and she gave us a few small trees.  There were a lot small trees that came from the larger trees. Anyway, we kept the small trees in pots, and babied them all year.  We only have 2 left.  The squirrels liked to chew on them for some reason.




Some of the trees come out in the light pink and some in the dark pink.  As you can see here, some trees have both color blooms.  They aren’t in full bloom yet. I’ll get more pictures later on.

The Dogwoods are starting to come out and are pretty.  Evidently there are two kinds of Dogwoods.  These have small flowers.  The prettier ones have larger white flowers are are more showy.  They haven’t started blooming yet.  These are pretty nice though.



This is a picture from the car…sorry about the big old GPS sitting on the dash!



Margie and Roger said... [Reply to comment]

Aaahhhh More signs of spring. It's a beautiful time of year.