Friday, March 5, 2010

Blue Birds

The Blue Birds found their new houses already.  They had been interested in the one by the motorhome, but the pesty Ivan was harassing them.  Al put the 2 new houses a little further away, but of course there is another "Ivan"  that lives by that one also!  We saw  the Blue Birds go in and out of the new house a few times, so evidently they are still checking out all the real estate.  I'm sure Mrs. Blue Bird just hasn't quite made up her mind.

We went to the feed store to get some more white millet for our winter birds and we found a cute little birdhouse for "Nancy."  Nancy is a Carolina Wren. We have quite a few of course, but they are all "Nancy".

She has hatched a few batches in the hanging baskets we have on the front porch and the babies that don't hatch there soon are taught to sleep in the baskets at night.  She calls them quite vocally in the evening and pretty soon they are in their "beds."  Carolina Wrens will nest just about anywhere and are not shy.  We thought this new nest might be something she will like.  Of course, we will hang it up on the porch and secure it so that it won't blow around in a storm.

Another of our regulars are back, they are Ike and Tina.  They are our resident Brown Thrashers.  Tina has used the very same nest year after year and has 3 or 4 batches each year.  She goes away in the winter, but is back and we have seen her a few times.  I'm sure she will make her regular nest in our arbor.  We had to trim it last fall because it was getting a little overgrown.  We couldn't ever get it trimmed, because Tina was always using it.  I was afraid it was going to get too overgrown and collapse.  Anyway, it's all ready for her return.

Ah....spring is coming and we will be having a LOT of bird nests!