Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Planting Pickles and other Stuff

Yesterday warmed up and the wind finally started to die down.

We spent some time inside trying to get rid of clutter...and junk...a never ending job:)  We got a bunch of stuff to take to the dump and another good sized load for Good Will. Where did all these clothes come from?

Al worked on the garden some more. I planted 9 tomato plants and he planted his "pickles".  He doesn't eat cucumbers, but loves pickles, so he considers them pickles instead of cucumbers.  Al also planted some tomato seeds.  We have never planted tomato's from seeds, so we'll see how that goes.

We made both sweet and dill pickles last year and they turned out pretty good so he wants to make more this year.  The only problem we had was the pickles were kind of mushy and not crisp.  He got some pickle recipes from some North Dakota relatives, so hopefully we'll improve!

I started on my Zinnia garden but didn't get finished because I ran out of seeds.

We're heading to Lowes this morning, so will get some more flower seeds and maybe even stop by and get a Grits Cup :)