Saturday, March 20, 2010

1st Day of Spring

It was a beautiful warm sunny day.  We spent most of it outside working.

We did some work on the motorhome, Al cleaned some branches from a downed Pecan Tree, and I did a little mowing.

We have an area by the road that will soon be covered with beautiful fragrant red clover.  It really is very pretty when the whole area is in full bloom, but now it just looked like patches of weeds.  I decided to mow it down with the hope that it will come back and give us a beautiful red field.

The Wisteria are getting ready to bloom.  The picture on the front of this blog is a Wisteria in full bloom.  We have about 6-7 of them around the property. When they are in full bloom, they are beautiful and so fragrant.

This is what they look like just before they bloom out.  This little 2 inch pod will extend to a bloom that is 6-8 inches long.


The Redbud tree only looks pretty a week a year.  Not one of my favorite trees, but it’s pretty now.


The Hummingbird feeder has been up about a week..and not the first hummer. 

We’re not having any luck with our Blue Bird nests either.  We have 5 of them on the property, and the Blue Birds are checking them out, but so far no nest building.  Maybe we have given them too many choices?