Sunday, March 21, 2010

Got the Finger Today

We decided to go into town today for some good country home cooking at O'Neil's Buffet.  Yum, fried chicken, ham, chicken n dumplins, and all the trimmins.  We didn’t get “pretty” and were hoping we could beat the church crowd since we went more casual :)

Of course we ran into my old boss and his entire family, plus a few other people I knew.  It figures.

Anyway on the way home we got the Georgia version of  “the finger.”  It’s much different than the Tampa version.  In Georgia when you are driving and meet someone coming the opposite way, you often get the finger.  It’s the forefinger raised off of the steering wheel, often accompanied with a nod. It’s a form of greeting and is more often than not, by an older male who is driving a pick up truck.  Things are sure different in the south!  We got the finger all the time in Tampa, but it never made us smile :)