Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Blue Birds

Our youngsters from the first nest of the year have grown up and made a nest of their own.  The first baby bird hatched on July 6th.  I wondered how a bird could be inside those small eggs.  Today I found out.  I opened the nest box and one of the 4 eggs had hatched.  The baby was curled up just as if he was still inside the egg.  I guess he hadn’t gotten around to stretching his legs out yet.  He was curled up just exactly as he must have been inside the egg  He was so small and bald.  I didn’t try to take a picture as mama was getting a little upset.

This morning  we checked the nest again and here is what we found.  This is day 2 for the baby and the other 3 eggs have not hatched.

2nd day after hatching, hungry

Blue bird 2nd day after hatching





Notice the faint feathers from his wing?  It looks more like hair.