Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brown Thrasher

Our mama Brown Thrasher has been using the same nest for 3 years now but her luck has run out on this great nest spot. She had been sitting on her 3rd nest of the season but when we checked on the nest this morning there was nothing in it. We're sure a snake got to it. We felt so bad.

About a week ago we saw a snake in our oak tree by the front porch. He was in the process of eating a small bird. Al and I do not believe in killing snakes normally but this one was eating one of our birds...he's no longer with us. We did put the dead snake out for the hawks to feed on and someone did get it. At least the snake and the poor bird weren't wasted. Our good friend had a snake eat a baby Dove she had been watching and protecting. Carol urged us to kill the snake so he couldn't get anymore babies. It appears we may have more than one. I believe in live and let live but don't mess with my babies!

Anyway, poor Tina (Brown Thrasher) won't be having her third nest this year.