Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Al's cucumbers (he calls them pickles) are doing well. We have canned 14 jars of pickles. Some dill and some sweet and sour. They are pretty tasty but not as crisp as we'd like. I had heard to try Alum to make them crisper, but did a websearch and found that may be a little of a health issue as this stuff is toxic. It is approved for food by the FDA but it can be toxic at relatively low levels so I guess we'll have mushy pickles.

We were told to pick the cucumbers early and can right away. That didn't help. I think our solution is to get a different type of cucumber, made specifically for pickles.

We're still picking jalapenoes, green peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. Our okra is blooming and we should be eating it in a week or so.

Al is taking 2 of his Cacuzza Squash to friends in Tampa. One is 22 inches long! They are huge. I found a website on them.. it has recipes!