Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blue Bird story...continuation

There were 4 eggs. One hatched. Two days ago we looked inside and saw one egg with a chip out of it. We figured the baby was getting ready to break out. We checked later in the day and nothing had changed. Al checked yesterday and the entire egg was gone, baby and all. We figured something must have happened to the baby and Mom and Dad removed it. There was NO trace of anything and we are sure nothing got into the nest because the first baby is there, fine and growing like crazy. We then noticed that baby one's shell was not in the nest. Mom and Dad must remove the shell to keep it clean. How interesting.

We now have 1 baby and 2 eggs. There is the chip out of another egg. We'll check tomorrow to see if we have another baby. Hope this one is all right.

July 14th:

Still one baby hatched and 2 eggs. I guess they aren't going to hatch. The baby sure is growing fast. He seems kind of lazy, always sleeping when we peek inside the box. I guess he doesn't get a chance to get hungry since he's the only child.

He hatched on July 6th. This is a picture on July 13th. He was 7 days old. How he has changed!

We have checked and double checked our baffle and wire netting. We want to make sure no snakes can get to him. His little nest seems dry and bug free. We are concerned about the heat inside the nest but he seems to be doing ok so far.