Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cool weather!

It was in the low 90's during the day but we had a nice breeze and it the humidity wasn't stifling.

We called and got a "burn permit" and decided it was a good day to burn some yard debris. Living on 11 acres means there is always yard debris. We're constantly trimming something and of course that has to be disposed of. We initially piled the debris on the trailer and hauled it to dump but that is way too much work for the huge amount of waste we have.

Anyway, when we had the hurricane shelter put in they dug us a burn pit. Unfortunately it's sometimes full of water after a heavy rain.

Al burned a lot of waste and I worked on mowing. We then did a little work on the motorhome. I brought my book, Eclipse up and read a while. It was pretty cool and I got a wild hair to "camp" in the RV. We have such a nice RV site fixed up now it's a shame to waste it. Al wasn't too excited because he figured he would have a problem setting up satellite signal so we could bring the TIVO box. Since we got the new dish, we aren't having any problem picking up the signal and we even get local channels. I guess our old dish was outdated and no one told us.

We brought Squeaky with us, fixed spam sandwiches, watched TV and opened the RV windows and turned off the air. It was a little cold this morning. We put on sweatshirts and long sleeves! According the the news it was in the low 60's. What a wonderful thing for July. We loved sleeping with a cool breeze blowing in at us.

We're going to do it again tonight!