Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blue bird update

Wednesday, July 22nd our baby blue bird flew the coop. Al checked the nest in the morning and he was there. When I got home from work he was gone. Evidently he's hanging out in the cherry tree by the nest box as mama and dad are close by.

It was day 17 for him.

We saw him yesterday with mama and dad. You could tell him because he had a little trouble landing on a wire and his tail is so SHORT!.. Guess he's still ok

Our Brown Thrashers have all left. It seems they come in late spring, have their babies and leave until next year. Tina had 2 successful nests this year and the third was started but something took the eggs. Probably a snake.

Al got a new lawnmower today. It's a Troybuilt with a Honda motor. We use the zero turn Grasshopper mostly but he needs something small for the pond area and the trim. It's always something