Thursday, July 9, 2009

Carolina Wrens

Our resident Carolina Wrens (Nancy) hatched another nest in our barn. Al discovered the nest in an open box. They fledged 2 days ago. We were waiting to see if Mom Nancy would have them spend the night in our flower baskets on our front porch. She did and appears to be following her pattern that she does with all of her babies. They fledge, she brings them to the oak tree in the front and at night just before dark you can hear her calling them. She is VERY loud. They come when called and then the babies sit on the porch railing for a minute or so then fly up into the flower baskets where they spend the night. Mama and Daddy don's spend the night there. This is the 3rd summer we have seen this very same behavior. We just looked out when we heard Nancy calling them. We saw a bird that was very obviously a baby, sitting on the railing. He made an attempt to get into the basket but overshot the landing site and went into the oak tree. I have no doubt he and his brother/sister will end up there tonight. Couldn't get a photo because I left the camera in the golf cart in the garage.