Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cacuzza Squash

One of Al's pest control customers gave him some seeds from the Cacuzza squash. He planted them along the barbed wire fence. They are large squash and need good support. The plants grew fast and appeared healthy but when the little squash first started they kept turning brown and falling off. The plant appeared healthy so we didn't understand what the problem was. We knew they did well in Tampa so decided maybe they liked more water. That seems to have done the trick as they are now growing very well. They get 2-3 feet long and must weigh over 5 pounds.

This one is too small. They grow several inches a day so it'll be ready to pick in a few days.

Al brought back some fresh fish from Tampa, thanks to a friend who just got back from a fishing trip. He gave us Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper and Amberjack. We fried the fish in Panko Bread crumbs. I sliced the squash, dipped it in Vigo Italian Bread crumbs and fried it in Olive oil. It was VERY good, as was the fish. YUM.