Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blue Bird nest - day 13

I just checked the nest today. The baby is fine. He is the only one that hatched. Today is day 13 since he hatched and per my book the cut off day for opening the nest box. If you open it now it may cause him to fledge early (before he is ready).

Our nest box has a plexiglass window in the side. You can open the shade and see inside but between it being dirty inside and the glare, it's hard to see well inside. I peeked inside thru the plexiglass and couldn't see him, so I was a little concerned. We have a top opening nest box, so I carefully cracked it open and saw baby inside. He's ok. According to the book he should fledge from day 14 thru 21. I'm thinking since he was the only child and well fed, he may leave earlier.

As soon as he leaves we will be able to move the motorhome to mow under it. Hate to disturb the family by moving it right now, but the grass is getting a little high!