Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trout Lilies & More Wildflowers

In Cairo, Georgia there is a place where the very rare Trout Lily grows in abundance. The land belonged to a local plantation owner and had pretty much been left alone for at least 60 years.  It’s a forested area that slopes down into a hollow. The county and state have been working together to purchase this parcel of land since it’s such an unusual place.  There was some government  program where they would match the funds that were raised.  They had a deadline to get the money raised, and a few days before the deadline they were $45,000 short.  One of the group trying to get this done, brought a friend to see the land and that friend donated the last $45,000.  I think it’s amazing that people do that kind of thing. Thank you, whoever you are.

Trout Lilies of Wolf Creek

They only bloom for a few weeks  at this time of the year and then they disappear until the next year.  They only grow in moist cool soil.  Other plants that grow well there are Trillium, bloodroot and Green fly Orchids.

While looking for a link for the Trout Lily, I came across this site that has beautiful pictures of many of Florida’s wildflowers. We see a lot of them when we are hiking but never knew their names.  I thought it was a good link to keep on hand.

Florida Wildflower Gallery

It looks like we are having a bit of a warming trend so we decided to go see the Trout Lily’s yesterday.  It turned out to be a beautiful sunny warm day and the temperature got up to 70 degrees.  Finally!

Here are some photos of  “Trillium”




There aren’t as many Trillium as the Trout Lily, but they are abundant and very beautiful.

Here are some photos of the Trout Lily.





This shows the landscape that is covered with Trout Lilys.  They are very small so they don’t show up as well in photographs.




We did a short walk around the property, took some photos and then left because we needed to go to Lowe’s and Home Depot for some additional trim items for the Motor Home remodel.


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Isn't that great - the person donating money - very thoughtful!

Thanks for the Florida Wildflower
Gallery. Very interesting!