Monday, February 8, 2010

Shuttle Launch

I happened to wake up about 4:00 this morning, right before the space shuttle was to launch.

I talked Al into running outside with me in hopes of seeing it launch. When we lived in Tampa, we could see it from our house, even though we weren’t close to the Cape.

We’re probably around 250 miles from the Cape, as the crow flies, so we thought we’d have a chance of seeing it.

It was a cold and crisp 32 degrees but the skies were clear and beautiful. The moon and stars were shining brightly, but we never did see the shuttle.

If there was any day that it would be possible, this would have been it, because the sky was so clear.

We had on our robes and slippers and walked up the hill to get a clear view, remembering the foxes we frequently see and the coyotes we frequently hear!

No wild animals seen, and no shuttle launch!

Oh well, it was a beautiful night for a walk!


Margie and Roger said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry you didn't get to see the shuttle. In hindsight I should have set the alarm and gone outside but I didn't, darn it. Hopefully we will drive over for the next one in March, but this night one would have probably been more exciting. When I lived in Juno Beach, we would watch it on TV as it took off, then run outside to watch it in the sky.