Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Raining again

South Georgia sure has a lot of rain this time of year.  Of course it is partly because we are having an "El Nino" weather pattern affecting us.  It has rained a lot in Florida as well, and this is the dry season! 

One thing we loved about fall and winter in Tampa, was it was the dry season and we planned the majority of our camping trips during those months.  Weather was never a problem, and we appreciated the cooler weather, after Florida summers!

Anyway, it's raining today, then a cold front will be moving in. The weather guy hinted about the possibility of  SNOW!  I guess it depends on how soon the cold front gets here.

After today we will be hard pressed to see 50 for the next few days, and into the upper 20's at night.  I'm about ready for spring.

Valentines day is coming and in south Georgia that can mean only one thing.........

It's time to plant the "Taters"!
I think we'll wait though because with all the rain, it is probably too wet.  Taters don't like to get soggy!