Monday, February 1, 2010

Hit the Buffet Today :)

We had to make a trip into Thomasville today, so of course we had to make a trip to O’Neils Country Buffet.  One thing south Georgia has, is good country cooking!  We had fried chicken, collard greens, corn, cooked cabbage, fried okra, limas, mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole.  They have special deals now Monday’s through Thursday’s.  The cost with drink, dessert, and tax is $6.00.  You can’t beat that!  When we eat lunch there, dinner is real light!  There is another place in Thomasville that is “famous” with a lot of RV’ers.  It is the Market Diner. It is also an all you can eat country buffet.  We tried it several times, but prefer O’Neils.

After lunch, we went into some antique stores in town.  We were checking to see if any of them took consignment items.  We have a lot of china, chrystal and silver we want to sell.

Thomasville is quite a nice town. There is a lot of history with a beautiful old style downtown. The buildings are kept to look like they did in the 1800’s.  There is  a strict tree policy in town.  You are NOT allowed to cut down Oak trees.  You can not even trim them without permission from the city.  There is a very large Oak tree in town that is famous for being one of the largest oaks in the country.

The Big Oak   is so impressive that President Eisenhower even photographed it!  It has a limb span of 162 feet.  It is thought to have been around since 1680!  The people of Thomasville love their oak trees and you see many tree lined canopy streets. 

Jackie Kennedy came to Thomasville shortly after the assignation of her husband. 

Thomasville is quite an interesting town to visit. The historic down town is very interesting with all the shops.  In April Thomasville has the Rose Festival and parade. There are roses everywhere in town and they are all trained to bloom the last week in April! 

The area between Thomasville and Tallahassee is thick with “Plantations”.  They are mostly owned by private large businesses as a place to let their top executives and guests to.  Rumor has it that VP Chaney frequents (hunts) around here.  One plantation is open to the public to visit, for a price.  We took our friends there when they came to visit.  I hadn’t really wanted to go, but was very glad I did. We had a wonderful tour guide who helped you to get to know the family that lived in the house.  The daughter was quite a horsewoman and the stables alone are worth the visit.  If you get to Thomasville, hit the Buffet and Pebble Hill Plantation. The grounds weren’t particularly impressive to me, except for the stables, but the house was impressive!

Anyway, that was our day.


Margie and Roger said... [Reply to comment]

Consignment shops - I had forgotten about them. I was going to use them, but ended up giving my antiques to my niece or I had family store my favorite antiques.

My advice, from my experience, is that I wasted too much time during my down-sizing time. I thought I was getting things done, but I should have started sooner on selling my higher-priced, more valuable items - I guess I was having a difficult time parting with them. Maybe I was afraid our full-time RV plan would fall through and I would regret having gotten rid of my best/favorite things. Then the house sold and it was a mad dash to have to get rid of things - at a reduced price.

I've been wondering why you aren't using your new blog yet.

Karen and Al said... [Reply to comment]

Hey Margie

Not using the new blog yet because I was just testing out different names. I think we may use RV Wanderlust. What do you think? I put down a few names to see if the name was available and just went and created (saved) the name/blog.

I don't know how or when to transition from old blog to new blog. I think I may just keep what I have for now until we hit the road.

Ken Corley said... [Reply to comment]

I just wanted to thank you, Karen, for your delightful and amazingly detailed blog posts. I had to retire early and unexpectedly and am thinking about boondocking full time, unless I get my new business off the ground and it immobilizes me. My kin are from around Albany, GA. I'm part Cherokee and got an ancestor's shaman abilities so now I teach inner work and do distant healings. I hope to bump into you and Al one of these days on my trips from New Mexico. Thanks for you!