Monday, February 15, 2010

Rain and More Snow?

We weren’t very energetic (wonder why) this morning, so we decided to make a trip into town and go to Lowe’s and get a Grits Cup while we were there!

While we were gone, it started to rain very hard.  We had left both of the slides out in the RV because we were not expecting rain.  We have been having some leaks when the slides are out and haven’t detected exactly where they are at yet.  So we ran home to put the slides in.  We did get some water in the living room slide.  We need a warm day to look around outside and see if we can find the problem.

Anyway, the rain evidently brought in yet another cold front and they are predicting the possibility of more snow. 

I would like one more snow where the ground was covered better, but after that, I don’t want anymore.  2 snows in a year is plenty!