Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thunderstorms on the Way

Our beautiful clear blue skies and upper 60’s are gone and we have some thunderstorms  coming, possibly severe.

There are tornado watches just to our southwest, so I expect we will be in a tornado watch real soon.  No warnings yet but I’m watching it.

Of course Al is in Tampa (as usual when we have severe weather) and I tend to freak out when the “T” word is mentioned.

Not to be caught off guard, we have an Oregon Scientific brand weather radio that alerts you to upcoming severe weather.  Of course it went off twice last night to alert me to possible flooding!

Also, since we are in an area that seems to get a lot of tornado activity January-March, we had an underground tornado shelter installed.  It’s underground and we feel it was money well spent, just to keep my apprehension down a little big. 

It’s pretty large so we have room for the kitties to come along :)