Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Magic Jack Telephone

We both have cell phones and a land line with unlimited long distance, caller id, and all the bells and whistles. 

We really only use the land line to call friends and relatives long distance.  The calls are so much clearer than the cell.

I had heard about the Magic Jack phone which is advertised for $39.99 which includes one year service.

We picked it up at Wal-Mart, figuring we could return it if it didn’t work.

The instructions were almost non-existent but I finally got it installed…however it DOESN’T WORK!  I spent an hour online with their live chat people.  I ended up chatting with 3 different people, and the last one was  to connect to my computer to try and fix things (with my permission.)  I was hesitant to allow that, but I did, and of course we got cut off before she could get started.  I didn’t bother to try to get her back, by that time I had had enough fun. 

It appears I need to allow Magic Jack as an “exception”  to my firewall.  I’m a bit frustrated but will try to contact them later today if/when I get in the mood.

Our See’s Candy never did arrive yesterday and we had really been looking forward to it.  I checked the tracking number again through UPS and it is now scheduled for today.  I’m getting a little irritated about all the delays. It was shipped on the 20th.