Sunday, January 10, 2010

Arctic Freeze Continues

This morning the low was 21 degrees.  It’s 1pm and the temp is only 35 with little warming during the day.

Tampa is supposed to only get up to 43 and down to 25 tonight.  It’s not warm anywhere in the south east.

I remember cold weather in Tampa, especially back in the 1980’s, but I don’t remember it lasting this long.

We went for a ride this morning.  Al had mentioned to his cousins in North Dakota that the ladies here wear these very fancy hats to church on Sundays.  They didn’t believe him so he was determined to get some photos. We didn’t find any today but will get some to prove it!  We did ride by an interesting building outside the town.  It must have been a rocking club in it’s day!


and next door is this recording studio?


We got home, bundled up and took a walk around the property. Things have sure changed in the past few weeks.  All our pretty green yard and pasture has turned brown.



People here like to spray water into a tree and make icicles.  Isn’t this pretty?


The motor home is safe and sound.


While most of the yard is brown, the front yard near the house is still green and pretty.


We feed birds and I mean a LOT of birds, especially in the winter months.  In the winter we have masses of Gold Finches and Chipping Sparrows.  We buy 50 pound bags of white millet and we go through it pretty fast.  We have literally hundreds and hundreds of birds in our yard at any given time.  Of course we have a big yard, but we have lots of birds.

Here are a few.





More bird pictures later.