Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Potato Planting Time

The locals here swear that you should plant the potato’s by Valentines day.  We have yet to get them into the ground by that date, but maybe this year.  The first year we were here we enjoyed the “taters” that the previous owner had planted. 

The second year, we planted them in the lower garden not realizing it was too wet down there in the winter months.  We didn’t get many that year.

Last year we planted them on the upper (higher) garden and we had good luck with them, but we we found we didn’t plant enough!  This year we intend to plant more.  You can dig them and then put them in a dry/cool/dark place and they will last for months and months.  We have an underground tornado shelter that makes a perfect place for our potato’s.

While I’m sitting here writing this I have a female cardinal on the back porch fluttering around.  We have a bucket of meal worms that we keep for our Blue Birds.  Our resident “Nancy” (Carolina Wren) knows they are there and frequently dines in the bucket.

It looks like the Cardinal may have also learned of the bucket and is working up her nerve.  I hope so.  We’re glad to feed the beautiful Cardinals!

Al is in Tampa so I am trying to get motivated and get some clutter cleaned and get a load to take to Good Will. I promised my old desktop computer to the girl that pet sits for us.  I need to fire it up and make sure it works.  We are doing a barter. I have the tower computer, large 19” monitor (not flat screen) color photo printer and computer stand.  It will be a nice computer for her and it will be good to free up some room in my office.  I never use it since I got my laptop.