Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spring is on the Way!

One thing we really enjoy about South Georgia living is Spring!

In Tampa, spring didn't look much different than any other season.

Here in Georgia, spring is already starting.  We are starting to see some of the Cherry trees blooming.  They are a dark pink bloom.  Here are some pictures from last year.  The next thing we will expect is the Pink Magnolias.  There is a huge one by the hospital.  It should be in full bloom in the next few weeks.

The best thing though is mid March when the Dogwoods, Azaleas and Wisteria are in full bloom at the same time!


Flowering Peach



Image017 Image015


Well, I guess I am anxious for spring!  It’s just so beautiful here.  I have noticed that my Daffodils are popping out.  They will be blooming very soon!


Margie and Roger said... [Reply to comment]

I've alwlays enjoyed spring too. It almost seems like spring here in Florida because people are re-planting flowers since so many died from the freeze.

Connie,Barry said... [Reply to comment]

Love your flowering bushes - your pics are so pretty! Since we have two places to take care of thru the year, we plant mostly perenniels. My crocuses are peeking thru the light dusting of snow we got overnight here in PA.