Friday, January 22, 2010

The rains have cleared

We got quite a bit of rain yesterday and were in a tornado watch, but thankfully never got any severe weather.

By around 1pm, it cleared up and the sun came out.  I thought this was supposed to be bringing a cold front but it was 72 degrees when I went to bed last night.

Our poor birds had a hard day yesterday.  Our “Nancy” (Carolina Wren) was in the front Oak Tree calling her family to come take shelter before the rain started.  She is such a smart little bird.  We have some hanging baskets on the front porch under cover and she always teaches her children to nest in the baskets at night.  Every night, just before dark she calls them, and is very loud when she does.  It’s the same call every night.  Yesterday morning before the rain started, I heard her calling them.  I’m sure she wanted them out of the rain.  I didn’t see any fly into the baskets but I did see one fly out later in the day.  We’ve sat on the porch in the evenings and watched the babies “go to bed”.  One year we had 3 babies.  One would go to it’s own basket but 2 would share a basket.  Each night after they got the call from their mother, they would fly into the basket.  The first one would fly in, and settle down and be quiet.  A few minutes the second one would fly in and then the two would “bicker” for a few minutes before they settled down.  It reminded me of 2 little’re on my side of the bed…you’re stealing the covers…that’s my pillow…, move over…  :)  It happened that way every night.  There would always be a little tiff!

Despite the heavy rain yesterday the poor birds were still hungry.  I noticed below one feeder a lot of birds eating the food that spilled onto the ground.

This is a photo of the many birds.  We have a LOT of birds on our property!!!

All those little brown spots are birds.  I had trouble getting the focus right on the photo because I was taking it through a window and it was dreary and rainy outside.




I did a photofix on this photo to see if I could clear it up a little.  Don’t know if it was any better or not!

P1010056 (2)

I walked up to the mailbox and found this Hawk…probably after a meal.  He flew up into a tree very high up so I didn’t get the best picture.


The pond was getting a little full.