Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caught 2 mice

Al’s little humane mouse trap is working pretty well.  We have released 2 into the wild so far.  One got out of the trap somehow.  They seem to like the peanut butter I’m using as bait. I’ll continue to catch and release them until we don’t have anymore.

I had a chocolate attack last week and ordered myself a “Valentines day” present..early.

We just discovered See's Candy last year when someone gave Al a small sample box.  I love all chocolate, but this was by far the best chocolate I have ever had.  There are no bad pieces.  Each piece in the box is better than the last one. I gave Mom some for Christmas and she agreed. 

Anyway, I ordered myself a box last week and I just checked the online tracker, and it should arrive today!  Hooray!  Yesterday it seems my box of chocolate was involved in a train derailment.  Fortunately all is well now and it should be here today.  We can’t wait!


Connie,Barry said... [Reply to comment]

Karen, we LOVE See's! We were first introduced to it by our relatives in CA years ago. Our daughter works for ConAgra, travels a lot with her job, and picks it up for us at various airports. She just brought us two boxes from Omaha NE after spending last week out there. It doesn't last long around our house because now the grandkids are hooked on it, too! Enjoy your See's!
Connie in PA