Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter has arrived

We awoke this morning to a temperature of 31 degrees.  We may have lost all of our pretty green grass for a few months. The good side to that is, we can quit mowing!  With 11 acres, it’s nice to have a few months where the grass doesn’t grow.

The sun was coming up over the hill behind the garage and RV pad, and was really very pretty.



Al had some wood stored, by the side of the garage from some oak,  cherry, and Pecan trees that we had taken down.  He found this interesting worm there digesting our nice firewood. 

It’s an “Old House Borer” and evidently can do a lot of damage to old houses. Thank goodness it was just eating our firewood.  It was a couple inches long and kind of ugly.


He gave it a new home in the woods.  No sense killing it.  It’s just doing what it does.  Unfortunately our stack of wood has been sitting there too long and most of it is not in the best shape.  We had a large Pecan (Georgia pronunciation: Pee can) taken down because it was damaging the concrete pad around and in the detached garage. We have a stack of it in the pasture but  it needs to be cut up.  We’re told Pecan spits a lot when burned but it smells so good.  We’ll just have to put the screen over the fire when we burn Pecan. The cherry also smells wonderful when burning.