Sunday, December 20, 2009

Flying to Fargo

Just spent the past hour researching and booking a flight to Fargo, North Dakota.  Al has an uncle there that he needs to go see.  I don't know why we always seem to have to go to North Dakota in the winter, but we do.

Flying used to be an enjoyable thing to do, but now with all the restrictions it is nothing short of aggravating.  Just trying to book a flight will drive you crazy. 

The flight is booked and paid for,  but I guess now we have to pay later for the cost of the bags??  I don't know why that couldn't be included when we booked the flight through Orbitz.  Anyway, it is done and we have a flight on Delta.  Now I will have to check and see what we can bring and the sizes.  What a hassle. Now I see why I haven't flown for a while.  Traveling in the RV is much easier.