Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trip to Tallahassee

We are about 50 miles from Tallahassee and it is the closest large city, so when we need to do some shopping, we head to Tally.  Tallahassee is a beautiful city and the capitol of Florida.  It's hilly and the streets are lined with beautiful Live Oak Trees.  The people love their tree lined streets and the trees are protected, unlike Tampa.

It was very foggy, muggy and very warm.


The fall foliage is it’s full glory.





We're heading there today to this a fish market that ships seafood across the country. It's called Southern Seafood, they had a website but it has been down. We decided we’d prefer to check the place out first before we ordered anyway.

Another stop will be Sam's club.  We buy their "Oil Dry" for kitty litter.

One night last week when I couldn't sleep, I watched a few infomercials and decided I need a  Instyler rotating curling iron for my hair and a  Magic Bullet food processor/blender, for my kitchen.  Thanks to a subscriber savings account bonus check from USAA, I think maybe we’ll get those 2 items for Christmas presents.  I always like to buy “as seen on TV” items from local stores so that I can easily return them if I don’t like the item.  It looks like they have both items at Dilliards. 

Well, we ended up with 2 outdoor RV mats that were on sale at Target for $29..too good of a deal to pass up. We also ended up with a “Ninja” food prep center, a deepfryer, and a new coffee pot.


USAA said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Karen. I'm so glad we were able to make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier this year! Thanks for your membership.