Saturday, December 12, 2009

Whooping Crane Migration

Every year a dedicated group of people bring a group of Whooping Cranes from their summer grounds in Wisconsin to Florida for the winter.  These birds are hand raised with the intention of setting up new migrating colonies of these once almost extinct birds.  They use ultra-light airplanes to fly along side the birds so that they can learn their migration path.  It's quite an incredible.

Last year they changed their path a little and flew very close to our house.  They ended up staying a few days at St Marks National Wildlife Preserve which is just straight south of us by the gulf  coast.  We weren't able to get their for the flyover last year, but hopefully we can see them  this year.  Hopefully they will be there on a day when we are in town and I'm not working.

Here is a great link:

Operation Migration