Monday, December 21, 2009

Foxes, Cardinal, and Frost

Yesterday while inside, I heard a loud thump on the front window.  It sounded like the familiar sound of a bird hitting the window.  Unfortunately, it was.  I went outside and found a female Cardinal on the porch.  She was sitting there with her head up but was obviously stunned.  When we went outside this morning she was dead.  We had debated on how to help her. We thought about trying to catch her and put her inside in a box overnight, to give her a chance to heal, but we though that may have caused her too much stress.  I don’t think anything we could have done would have helped.  She hit pretty hard.  We felt so bad.  I have since readjusted the blinds in the windows so the birds can more easily see the windows.

This morning is was COLD. The thermometer said 30 degrees. The ground was white from the frost.  I think it was the coldest weather we had yet.  Of course our heat pump wasn’t working and the house was getting cold.  It turned out we had a bad breaker…95 dollars later.



Here is a picture of the ice ring Al took out or the birdbath!


The grass is still green close to the house but further away is getting pretty brown.

Last evening we saw two young foxes playing in the back yard.  At first we weren’t sure what they were because one had a short, crooked tail. One would stalk the other, then playfully pounce on him.  They were really having fun.  I wasn’t able to get any pictures because it was already dark.

We spent the day finishing up Christmas shopping and getting Al ready for his trip to North Dakota.  Oh, and Al got a new chainsaw for his Christmas present.  He needed a new one to cut up some wood for the fireplace!