Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

We had our annual State Farm Christmas party on Friday night  and the night before we had our annual planning meeting.  Two long days in a row and I was pretty tired Saturday, but we had Christmas shopping to do, so off we went to Tallahassee for the day.

We have pretty much finished our shopping as we aren’t going overboard this year.  I guess I will have to do some wrapping today.

We made a side trip to Coe’s Landing Campground in Tallahassee.  It is right on Lake Talquin, which is a pretty large lake.  The sites are $27 a night, and many of them right on the lake.  They are pretty small but we could get into a few of them easily.  It’s a fairly nice CG but there are better ones just as close, so we will probably not be camping there.

After rain and storms most of the week, we have a sunny day today.  The temperature was 34 degrees when I woke up but it’s now 50 degrees at 10:30 am, so we should get a little warmer. 

Al is planning on doing some gardening today.  He wants to get some Sugar Snap Peas planted and I want to get some lettuce and spinach planted.  They do well as winter crops here in South Georgia.  It’s nice to go out and pick some lettuce for your salad.