Friday, July 16, 2010

Trip to the Vet

My kitty Squeaky has been acting strange lately. I haven’t been able to determine what’s wrong, but she is flicking her tail around a lot when she’s laying down and acting like something is bothering her. When she walks, she flicks her tail back and forth then puts it down between her legs. It’s very strange.  She took a little fall a few weeks ago, but seemed to be okay, but then this tail thing started. I wondered if she broke her tail.  I finally took her to the vet this morning. They did x-rays and came back and told me she had evidently eaten staples!  I was shocked and freaked out!!   First of all, I don’t leave staples laying around and 2nd of all, she is not one to eat strange things.  After they looked at the x-rays a little longer, they realized it was the staples from when she got spayed 12 years ago! What a relief!  I guess she would have a problem going they an airport screener! They found arthritis, some anal gland issues, an ear infection, and fleas, but no fractures or anything like that.  That was a relief.  So she’s on some anti-inflammatory drugs and some new cat food with Glucosamine in it.  I am a firm believer in glucosamine for arthritis. It has helped Al’s bone-on-bone arthritic knees, and it is documented to work for people and dogs, but I didn’t know about cats.  I am also going to get her some Glucosamine pills, but they were out.  The vet swore by the food, they said it really helped older dogs and cats.  Miss Squeaky is a little plump, so that doesn't help either.  So we have 3 medications to give her twice daily.  That should be fun.

What a shock to hear…we have fleas!!!  We haven’t had fleas in years, and the cats are indoor cats so I wondered where they got them.  Then I remembered the camping trip we took to the beach.  There were cats in the campground and I’m sure they managed to spread their fleas to us and we brought them into the motor home to the kitties.  It’s a good thing I know an exterminator!  I don’t know where they’re hiding though because we have no carpet.  I think I’ll wash all the blankets that they lay on and Al can spritz the house and motor home tomorrow when he gets home.

And last but not least….Miss Squeaky is going to be famous!  She got her picture taken by the local newspaper, while being examined.  I made sure he didn’t get her while in a compromising position (like with her tail up looking at her anal glands)   There is a new female vet there, and they are moving into a new building next week, so they are doing an article in the newspaper.  Squeaky will be in the paper!!  I’ll have to scan and post the picture of my little celebrity! 

So now that I wasted my morning, I may try to get a little mowing done.  Al will be home late this afternoon, so I like to make it look pretty for him.  Plus he gets worried when I get behind on my mowing!  He’s afraid I’m going to quit liking to ride that mower!


Merikay said... [Reply to comment]

Ah yes, the trips to the vet. The Vet's was a regular place to stop for the last two years of my last dear dog's life. She wasn't old, (9) but she had many ailments. When she finally told me she didn't want to eat anymore I took her for the last time.

I miss her and the vets was a friend, but I don't miss the monthly entry in my budget for vet bills.

I hope your kitty is OK for a long time.

Happytrails said... [Reply to comment]

The vet can be as costly as our own doctors. They even sell insurance for our pets now. I am so glad you got to the root of the problem and it wasn't anything too serious. Our Golden is getting up in age so I might try the Glucosamine on him. We need to visit the vet for shots before we leave in Sept. 1st.
Awww, she's gonna be famous. Please post the pic when it comes out. I want to see!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

-Nellie and Jonathan said... [Reply to comment]

Those are some seriously old staples!! I'm glad they figured out what was wrong with her. I can tell Squeaky is part of your family :)


Margie and Roger said... [Reply to comment]

Poor Squeaky! Hopefully she will be feeling better soon. Looking forward to seeing the "celebrity" photo!

Margie and Roger said... [Reply to comment]

How is Squeaky doing now?