Saturday, July 24, 2010

Frog Hunt

Al doesn't know it yet, but he's doing on a frog hunt tonight. 

Last night when we were coming inside, there were about 6 little green tree frogs by each door.  I am terrified of any kind of frog and I definitely don't want them stuck to the door so that I can't even get in.  Al wlll need to catch them and find them a new home....far, far away!

He's pretty good about removing them for me, but he normally doesn't have that many at a time.

Today, I made a batch (my first) of bar soap. It's cooling now and I will be able to cut it tomorrow, but you have to wait 6 weeks after that to use it.  I enjoyed making the first batch, so I am now working on batch number 2.  This one has soy oil, coconut oil and olive oil.  Once you get it set up, you are supposed to cover it up and not peek for 24 hours!  Yeah right!!

I took some more Bluebird pictures today, I'll post them later.  They are sitting there with their mouths open waiting for mama. Cute!


Happytrails said... [Reply to comment]

I so understand what you are saying about frogs except my phobia is chameleons. I grew up in Florida (Daytona Beach) with an older brother who loved to catch them and throw them on me. Now I am terribly afraid of them...afraid they'll jump on me.
I so get it!!
Can't wait for the pics of the baby bluebirds. :)

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Levonne said... [Reply to comment]

I was once in love with the idea of frogs, you know like some people love dragonflies. That ended when I saw a nature special where a frog ate a bird! All innocence was lost after that and out went the frog romance. Looking forward to the pics.

Carol K said... [Reply to comment]

I am interested in your soap-making story. I suppose you can't peak at it to take pictures. Along with you, we'll have to wait 6 weeks for the rest of the story!

Margie and Roger said... [Reply to comment]

When I read that Al was going on a frog hunt I thought, surely they don't eat frog legs! Those little tree frogs are cute...from a distance. Sure wouldn't want them hanging around a door though.

Karen and Al said... [Reply to comment]

I remember at a birthday party when we were stationed in Japan, a little boy chasing me with a frog. I think I was already afraid of them though because I was running. :) I am also afraid they will jump on me. I'd probably have a heart attack! I can relate!

I never knew frogs ate birds..must have been a big one! We had big Bufo toads on Guam when we lived there. They were the size of a small cat. They freaked me out! We also had a few of them in Tampa occasionally.

I certainly would never eat a frog..I wouldn't get close enough! Al has eaten frog legs though, but not when I'm around. You'd better get used to them now that you are a Floridian. You'll have them on and around your motor home. Wait until you see one of the Cuban Tree Frogs! They are really scary and larger than the green tree frogs. One junped on Al's back once in the garage and got under his tshirt. Another time, one jumped on his cheek!!! He is even freaked out by them. They like to hide in your rolled up awnings, in fact the greens ones do as well. They are not native to Florida and are eating the native frogs and lizards and becoming a real problem. They can change colors and also turn their heads way around. Mom found one sitting on her toilet, it was light in color. We think it came in thru the roof vent and got into the toilet that way. I've found some green ones in my house toilet until my hero husband got on the roof on the house and motor home and put a screen over the vents! Honest...they can get in that way!!! Google Cuban Tree'll love them. :)

Can't wait to get back to Florida huh??