Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lazy Day

We had to go into town yesterday to pick up the Honda from getting the window replaced.  We decided to have the new tint put on while we were there. So at least that little project was finished.  It was a bit of a hassle, but at least it's done.

Once we came home, we decided to do like Al's Grandma and Granda Pa Lueck recommended and take a nap after lunch!  They were farmers who worked very hard and they believed a short nap after lunch was good for you! They lived well into their 90's, so they may have been on to something!  It sounded good yesterday so we went up to the motor home, and took a nap on our new "Bed in a Box" mattress.  Boy is that a comfortable mattress.  It's more comfortable than our home mattress.  I find that I start out sleeping on my left side and when I wake up, I haven't moved.  I think it is soft enough so that you don't get sore and firm enough to keep you comfortable. 

I had planned to wash the Honda because it was covered with yellow pollen.  The rain we had on Thursday brought in a cool front with a stiff breeze, so I just couldn't get motivated to play in the water.  The dirty car will have to wait.  The temperature got up into the high 70's but the breeze made it cool.

I decided to mow a little.  I am chief mower on the rider and Al does all the trimming, regular mowing, fire ant killing, and "Round Up"  With our large property, there is always something that needs mowing, so it's a good thing I enjoy it.

The rain washed pollen off the grass and trees and also helped to green things up a lot.

 This is a flowering shrub we have in our yard.  We have never figured out what it is but once a year, it blooms profusely.  Here it is, just starting to flower.  I'll post another picture when it's in full bloom.

Yesterday, I decided to mow part of our clover meadow.  The Crimson Clover is very pretty, and it smells wonderful, but that clover can get pretty thick and it can be a bit difficult to mow (even with our commercial grade Grasshopper mower) once it gets too thick.  When I mow the clover, that song from the 60's runs through my head.  Crimson Clover....Tommy James and the Shondells, I think.  I hated that song back then, and still do, but I can't help but hear it in my head when I'm running thru the Crimson Clover!   The clover field is really beautiful when the clover is in full bloom, and I accidentally mowed a little too large of area...Al wasn't happy with me.  Sometimes when I mow, I get carried last week when I murdered a hose and spray handle!

Once the sun started to go down, it started to get really cool, so we came in and watched a few episodes of "Friday Night Lights" from our Roku/Netflix.  That is a really good show.  It has been on Tv for years and we never watched it.  We're catching up on it now.

Today we plan to stay around the house, except for a quick trip to Walmart to get Al a new battery for his little spray rig.  He has a tank that he puts in the back of a little red trailer.  It has a pump, and he can spray for fire ants or put down Round up.  He pulls the trailer with the Golf Cart and it works quite well for him.  This is just too much property to try to walk around and to this kind of thing.  The Fire Ants are a never ending battle in South Georgia.  You just have to keep spraying the ant hills and the best you can do is control them.  They will never be completely gone.


Cindy said... [Reply to comment]

We have fire ants here in south Tx also. Dawn soap works well. I mix it up in a big bucket of water..early in the morning..and start pouring it on the mound from the outside to the middle..I have successfyully moved the ants all out of my yard to the neighbors..hey she could do the same

Hose I've done that also..I just didn't admit to

Cindy and Walker

Karen and Al said... [Reply to comment]

I'll have to tell Al about the Dawn.

Maybe I ought to try your method and DENY! I don't think Al would believe it though...anytime he sees damage, he know's Karen the mower has been there.

Margie said... [Reply to comment]

This is a test comment. Will you comment back on this. I'm still experimenting with something. Thanks.

Karen and Al said... [Reply to comment]


Here is a response to your test comment per your request. Sorry, just got this.

I tried to comment directly from your comment where it said "reply to comment" but it wouldn't work.

Let me know what you're working on...any tips on this blog will be appreciated. I know I'm probably doing a lot of things the hard or wrong way : )