Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fringe Trees and More

The spring bloom just keeps getting better.

Here what I call Fringe Trees.  I’m not sure if this is the correct name or not, but aren’t they beautiful?  They are not in our yard, unfortunately, although we do have a small one.




Spirea is blooming everywhere.  Ours are still small plants, but still pretty.


These are pretty weeds that are abundant (unfortunately) in the pasture. They go away once it gets hot.


These are what we call Easter Lily’s but grow wild this time of the year.  They make great cut flowers and are so pretty.  They are abundant in the pasture and one part of the yard we call Bluebirdy Meadow.  While mowing it yesterday, I just couldn’t bring myself to mow them down, so I mowed around them. 


More of my favorite…Wisteria



Image013 P1010048

Today was the day of the appointment for the window replacement.  The glass had remained in the window but it shattered in a million little pieces, just being held together by the window film.

For some reason the drivers door wouldn’t shut properly.  We finally figured out it must be because of small fragments of glass going into the frame.  Al had to drive into town with the door bungeed shut!  Not too safe!    Part way into town Al decided to stop and take the window completely out because the wind was about to do it for him while he was driving!  Anyway, the window is done and the door closes (or so the body shop says). We haven’t picked it up yet because it was storming.   Besides, if we have to go into town tomorrow, we will probably have to get a Grits cup!


Cindy said... [Reply to comment]

The flower bushes are gorgeous!!

Don't you hate it..when you HAVE to eat the dreaded grits cup? lol

Made cheesy grits yesterday..just because..mmmm

Cindy from Tx