Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bird Nests

Well we have 4 eggs in one Blue Bird nest box, and 5 eggs in the other!  That's the first time any of the Blue Birds have laid more than 4 eggs.  One nest box is right next to where we park the motor home, and I know the birds will be happy when we move it out of their "yard" for a few days!

One of the Blue Bird nest boxes has newly hatched Black Capped Chickadees.  Al was able to get a photo, I'll get it posted later.

In the barn, I hung an old jute macrame hanging planter there for lack of any other place to hang it.  Well Nancy (Carolina Wren) has made a nest out of it!  They are such amazing little birds.  We read that the male makes several nests for the female  to choose from.  They are one of our favorite birds...they have so much personality!


Margie said... [Reply to comment]

Looking forward to the photos.