Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mockingbird Hill Campground-our house

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Our new “campground” at home.  It’s a little ways from the house up on a hill.  We’ve named it Mockingbird Hill Campground.  Al has permanently mounted a satellite dish, we have fresh water, 50 amp service, and a dump station.  It is relatively private and there is a beautiful view of the green lawn and pasture.  Of course in the winter the view will be brown. The dump station is an old septic tank and is a few feet in front of where the motor home is parked. We either need a longer hose or we have to move the motorhome up to dump.  It’s not a big problem because normally we dump when we go camping.  We did take advantage of the home dump site to rinse out the blackwater tank.  We never seem to be able to have time at the dump station.

We actually camped 2 nights in the site.  It happened that we got a rare July cold front, and about 7pm I realized it was going to be a cool night and a good one for camping.  We would never have been able to get to a campsite if we had to drive to one, but this was perfect.  We were able to open the bedroom window, turn on the fantastic fan and suck the air out, bringing the very cool air into the bedroom window right by our bed!  It was wonderful sleeping and we actually woke up the next morning and had to scrounge up some sweats.

Our favorite kitty “Squeaky” got to go camping too.  She loves to camp.


We are having another cool front this weekend and if we don’t go back to Tampa, we may spend tomorrow night there.