Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vampires in Cairo

We were sitting outside up on Mockingbird hill, with fans on and reading our books.  I was reading “Twilight” the first in a series about vampires.  It’s getting a little spooky.

All of a sudden we heard an extremely loud screaming/screeching noise.  It sounded like something was being killed.  It was an awful sound and it was coming from the area of the pasture.  We got on the golf cart and headed towards the pasture… the screaming continued.  I thought it was a large bird and probably a hawk.  It didn't sound like the screeching sound hawks normally make.  We saw our resident red fox at the far end of the pasture near the tree line, looking up.  He saw us and ran off, but seemed to want to stay.  We searched but never saw anything.  My theory was that is was a baby hawk that maybe was on the ground and was screaming for help from it’s mom.  We do have a resident have a resident Red Tailed hawk that has her nest in our front woods by the driveway. This was not coming from that area.  The screaming stopped as we chased the fox away….and the mystery remains.

It’s 5:45 pm and the temperature is 98 degrees.  Ah, summer in south Georgia.