Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Blue Bird Nest

On Friday, June 19 we saw one egg in the nest up by the campsite. It was just one pretty little blue egg. Saturday, checked and found egg #2. Mama wasn't sitting on the nest. We checked the box again first thing this morning expecting another egg but there were still only 2. We sat outside and read a little bit noticing the Blue Birds hanging around. We decided to leave so as not to bother them. When we checked the box a few hours later, we noticed egg # 3! I guess they were just waiting for us to leave. It will be interesting to see the progression of this nest as it is closer than the one in the pasture. Al needs to fix the baffle, it's on the ground.

The Blue birds that are hanging around this area appear to be juveniles. We are thinking they are from the first nest that fledged earlier this spring. We're wondering if the pair are brother and sister? I guess I need to read up on their habits.