Sunday, April 5, 2009

Squirrel Nest in shed

Mamma squirrel made a huge nest in one of our sheds. Al was in the shed last week and hears squeeking noises coming from nest. He looked inside and found baby squirrels.

Later that day we noticed a raccoon walking through the pasture during the mid part of the afternoon. We were concerned it might come after the squirrels. Last year the squirrel nest in the same shed was destroyed. We never knew what happened to it.

Al went outside to check the shed 2-3 times that night, once when the local cat came around and never saw anything disturbed around the shed.

The next morning he went to the shed and noticed the nest had been disturbed and there were no babies inside. He did notice there was another nest in a different part of the shed and there were babies in that one. We are choosing to believe mamma squirrel moved her babies. Cats will do that and hopefully that is what happened.

You can't save them all...but we are sure going to try!