Monday, November 17, 2008

Helping the Economy

My laptop computer's cover broke. The computerf was fine but the hinge on the cover broke and it won't stay open. I could have rigged to stay open, but I got the new computer bug.

We headed to Tallahassee and to Office Depot and Best Buy. I had concerns with the new Vista operating system but was reassured Vista was okay since they had the updates, and since Microsoft has declared it the system we will use.

We ended up with a Toshiba. It has a 17" monitor and also has a numeric keypad which I really liked. We got the computer home and I found it pretty easy to get going. It automatically picked up my home Wi-Fi settings. I installed a few of my photo programs like Jacs, but was unable to install my Roxio easy CD creator. It looks like it is not supported by Vista.

One thing I noticed about this laptop is that it gets heavy on your lap after a while. It weighs less than 7 pounds but the extra weight was a little bothersome. I would probably have chosen a smaller one if I had known that. I guess I'll have to make due.

Al's 60th birthday is Wednesday so we decided to hang around and fix a nice dinner here. It's a little cool out, about 55 I think, so a good day to stay in. We will have a steak dinner with lobster, baked potatoes, salad and peach cobbler. I am trying the recipe I got from Linda Payne off their RV-Dreams website. It looks good.