Saturday, November 8, 2008

Birdsong Nature Center

We attended a program today on beekeeping.It was held at the Birdsong Nature Center and put on by a local beekeeping club. Al has been interested in this hobby but didnt' know where to start.There were several speakers who talked on how to get started and some of their experiences. They brought a lot of literature, equipment, some live honeybees, and even some honey to sample. It was quite informative and we are thinking we may give it a try. We need to do a little more research. The beekeepers club is the Apalachee Beekeepers.

Bidsong Nature center is a wonderful place for any bird and nature lover. They have 565 acres and 12 miles of mowed hiking trails. There is a old house that has a wonderful bird room. It has a huge window that looks out to the birdfeeding area. There are always a lot of birds fluttering around in the feeders or in the large rock that is a bird bath with a misting feature they really seem to love. They have couches for your comfort and even provide binoculars and a logbook where you write down the types of birds you saw that day. It is a great place to just sit back and watch birds, or to take photographs.