Thursday, June 24, 2010

They Flew the Coop

Our little baby Bluebirds have left their nest. 

Al said he saw a bunch of them in a tree in the pasture, so that was probably them.  I understand that they need about 10 days after they fledge their nest to learn how to fly well. 

That puts our total of fledged Bluebirds at 21 so far, and we have 5 eggs up in the box by the motor home.  Hopefully, we can watch them fledge from the comfort of the motor home. 

I don’t know if they will start any more nests this year.  We now have 4 empty boxes.

We went for a swim then took a golf cart ride around to look for the foxes and when we were coming back a tiny baby bunny ran right in front of the golf cart.   I stopped immediately afraid of running over any of his brothers or sisters.  He was so little.  If you know how big a 6 week old kitten is…he was about the same size…and very cute.  We had a bunch of babies the year before last.  They sure are cute..another reason to feed the foxes!


Cindy said... [Reply to comment]

Ya'll are really going to miss the little blue birds next year ..when you are traveling!!

I love the yellow flowers..they look like they are stretching to the sky!

Cindy and Walker

Happytrails said... [Reply to comment]

That is alot of bluebirds! You all must have all the right ingredients for a great bluebird habitat!! Yes, feed those fox because the bunnies are too cute to be their dinner.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Margie and Roger said... [Reply to comment]

Now don't be catching some of those bunnies to take with you in the motor home! The cats are enough!

I love the yellow flowers also...and the kayak photo on your other blog is absolutely terrific.

-Nellie and Jonathan said... [Reply to comment]

I'm with Happytrails (not literally)!! I think you should feed those foxes. FOR SURE! :)