Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cool Nights & Warm Days

The temperatures have been getting down into the low to mid 40’s at night and warming up into the upper 70’s during the day.  Perfect weather.   The yard and plants are still green and pretty.

close up of a Confederate Rose


Confederate Rose


Canna lily and Goldenrod


 Bleeding heart



Back yard view


Pumpkin patch  (unsuccessful)


We planted pumpkins in early September which was about 30 days too late. They grew nicely and flowered but all the pumpkins either fell off with rotted ends, or were eaten by critters.

Our resident Mockingbird-Ivan the Terrible


Our first Ivan was really mean but we found out that once he raised his children for the year, he and his mate moved on and left the kids to fight it out as to who got to stay here as the new dominant Mockingbird.  The 2nd generation one had a much better disposition and all the successors did as well…until this new guy came around.  He is almost as mean as his great grand dad.  The first Ivan terrorized all the other birds and chased them from ALL of the bird feeders.  This one is doing that as well and we don’t have nearly the birds at our feeders anymore.  I just sit back and smile though because I know now that come spring when he starts raising his several batches of babies that he will be kept very busy feeding the squawking young Mockingbirds.    I never saw such good parents or dependant babies as the Mockers.  He’ll get his payback then!