Saturday, May 30, 2009

Uniquely South Georgia

Moving to Georgia required us to learn a different language. There are certain words, ways of using normal words and some things that are just different!

Some of the terms and things we have learned since living in Georgia.

Mash the button: In Georgia you don't push the button, you mash it.

I reckon: I guess

Crunk: When your car won't start. I crunk it but couldn't get it to start!

Eel: When you are sick you are eel.

Meelk: What you drink that comes from a cow is pronounced like this

Gem Clip: paperclips

Chicken Pilau: Prounced Perlu. It is a popular chicken and rice dinner southerners make frequently as a benefit for an "eel" person or during a festival. The southern pronunciation for pilau is "Perlu." I don't know where they get the "R" sound from Pilau, but that's the way it is pronounced. I promise.

Fixing to: I'm getting ready to go to the bank. Or chicken with all the Fixin's

Fried Fatback: This is actually just fried fat! I kid you not. It is like the fat from bacon, then fried. It's served at all the best all you can eat buffets.

Bidness: business is pronounced this way

Hep: May I hep you?

Huntin season: It's ALWAYS hunting season.

Grits: pronounced gre-uts. Yummy! Southerners know how to make them even better with tons of butter and cheese.

Fried Okra: As a child of southern parents (North Carolina), I grew up on okra, but Al didn't. He has learned to love it after we started growing our own. It's yummy dipped in cornmeal and fried.

Georgia red Clay: Boy is this stuff hard. Most of the soil on our yard is not clay, but occasionally Al tries to plant something in a heavy clay area. It's like a brick. It's also hard to get off of your car. The "Hidey Hole" was put in solid clay. It was fortunate they had a large machine to dig the hole.

He/she spit him out: That means the child looks just like his mom or dad.

How much does that baby weigh? About as much as a sack of taters.

Taters: potatoes

Maters: tomatoes

Buggy: Shopping cart is Buggy

Drunker than Cooter Brown: I guess every town has it's own Cooter Brown and he must have been quite a drinker

Cuter than a speckled coon dog pup: must be pretty cute


Margie and Roger said... [Reply to comment]

That post was definitely a "hoot". Sure reminds me of our previous life in TN. Each state seems to have its own language.