Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring is coming

We had a very cold winter. So much for global warming. Our first fall frost is supposed to be mid November. We had our first frost mid October. It was cold a few weeks then warmed up nicely for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Come January we got COLD. The coldest we got here was 18 but per the local weather Tallahassee got down to 15.

Planted a lot of Daffodils last year but I think the 26inch rain from Tropical Storm Faye may have damaged them. They have not come up yet. We planted 200 more this year so hopefully they will multiply and come back next year.

We also lost 4 Dogwoods and we think the rain caused the trunk to split and the tree to die.

It is bird season at the Lueck plantation. We have literally hundreds of birds. Mostly Chipping Sparrows and Gold Finches. We have a feeded outside the sliding door and we have attracted our Blue Birds using seeds. That is a treat to sit inside and watch them from the window.