Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carolina Wren family

We have a family of Carolina Wren's in our yard. They are one of my favorite birds because they are so bold and not at all afraid to be around people.

I read that the male will build 4-5 nests and the female will pick the one she wants from these nests. This must be true, because they seem to build a lot of nests, and in the most unusual places.

Last spring the nest was built in a silk plant we had hanging on our front porch. One day the weather was getting bad, so I had to take some rope and tie the basket up so that it wouldn't get blown around by the wind. The pink ribbon I used isn't the prettiest, but it kept the babies from being blown out of the nest.

The next nest that the Carolina Wren built was in a rolled up piece of carpet in our barn. There were 3 babies and I was lucky enough to be there when they left the nest. They were so cute, hopping around in the barn. The mother then rounded them up and brought them to our feeding area under a large oak tree by our front porch. The first night they left the nest the mother (I call her Nancy) found little beds for each of the 3 babies to spend the night. Two of them spent the night in a hanging plant under the oak tree and the other one went in a large Pampass Grass. Soon the 2 babies discovered the hanging silk baskets on the front porch and every night, right before dark they both fly into the basket and go to bed. It's the exact same ritual every night.The first one flies in and is very quiet and about five minutes later the second one flies in, scurries around (you can hear it) cheeps a lot, then settles down. It reminds me of 2 kids fighting over the covers in the same bed. We have named them "Nancy." All of the Carolina Wrens we have are now called "Nancy."